Potency Therapy
Josh has a potency problem. So Doctor Reynolds and his apprentice Dr. Valdez decide it's time to intensify the medical treatment. They agree much of the attention should be given to Josh's Asian boy cock and various forms of anal exam with gay anal penetration. After a bareback fuck from Doctor Reynolds and a milk enema from Dr. Valdez, Josh is not doing so well with the milk enema. He is not squirting the milk due to a tight ass hole. Doctor Valdez must purge th milk out using his bareback fucking technique. It works! Josh spills the milk all over the floor after a hearty ass ramming from young Doctor Valdez. Finally, both Doctors unload their cum all over Josh's hot brown Asian twink torso.
  Kinky Proctologist
Doctor Argie has just finished his milk enema on gay Asian party boy Gilbert, but his reluctant ass is having trouble expelling the milk. But Doctor Argie thoroughly enjoys watching his ass puckering in and out. Doctor Argie is getting a raging hard on and has decided in a fit of extreme sexual arousal that he must fuck that puckering ass bareback in order to stimulate him to expel the milk he has recently injected into his gorgeous anal cavity. Gilbert wants it, especially after all the erotic titillating stimulation the doctor performed on his anal hole. Kinky Doctor Argie sheds his slacks and enters that yummy ass hole and Gilbert finally spills the milk all over the floor. This turns Argie on and the Doctor and Asian twink patient continue bareback fucking on the exam table until Doctor Argie squirts his load of cum all over cute Gilbert's smooth back.


February 27, 2014

Golden Shower

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It is a hot day when Ray and his friend Nick decide to cool off with a cold shower together. But Ray has secretly hatched a plan to introduce his fuck buddy to the manly pleasures of piss play, golden showers and watersports. What starts out as a regular shower sex party, soon turns a lot kinkier. Ray pees in his wet underwear and tells Nick to suck on his cock while he pisses in his friend's mouth. Nick is eager to try this new experience and Ray rewards him with a great suck and fuck session, interspersed with lots more watersports and golden showers for both of the thirsty twinks until they both shoot their cum. All bareback piss and watersports action from start to sticky finish!

February 26, 2014

Watersports And Bareback

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Two horny twinks, Win and Bill, arrive home from school, but instead of doing their homework, they want to relax a bit. So they lie on the bed and start playing with each other. What else is a boy to do? Win has his hands in his friends underwear, a hard cock pops out and then it is time for more serious fun. Win needs to piss and sprays his urine all over Bill, while he is still in his school uniform. Watching these smooth boys play with piss is kinky and cute a the same time. After the first golden shower there is a lot more bareback, great anal close-ups, more piss and two sticky cumshots. A very horny video if you like to watch cute boys pissing on each other.

February 25, 2014

Kinky Intern Gives Anal Injection

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When Bill wakes up one morning with a terrible cock ache, he immediately calls the doctor for advice. Normally he is always horny and this feels weird. His trusted friend Dr Twink is in his office and does not have time to visit the boy so he sends his Intern to take care of the twink. he arrives in no time at all and his first order of the day is some tender loving care, a quick peck on the cock and a large anal injection with a gooey white liquid. That therapy helps a lot and Bill instantly feels so horny he lets the Intern have his way with him. He gets barebacked, sucked and rimmed and in the end shoots two big loads of cum in short order. That is enough for the Intern to declare his charge cured. Want to see it all in HD? Get the complete video at Doctor Twink.

February 24, 2014

Doctor Twink’s Enema Clinic

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This time Doctor Twink meets with a new patient, Best. Best is a sex addicted gay bareback slut. He loves to get fucked but his ass has become sore from all the

August 29, 2011

Watersports Winner

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One morning Win wakes up from a restless night of horny sex and watersports dreams. He is lucky as just when he is ready to go to school in his prim uniform, his friend Vernon drops by. The horny boys change their plans in the spot. Win gets soaked in piss while he is still in his uniform, but he does not care. He loves the smell and taste of Vernon's piss. There is a short bareback break where Vernon shoots his first load of cum in Win's mouth. A second round of pissplay follows. It seems Vernon has an endless amount of piss to give. The boys drink each other's piss, eat each other's cum, and so they make this a really wild gay piss party.

August 15, 2011

Doctor Twinks Gay Therapy

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Sometimes you hear about "clinics" and quack doctors in the United States who claim they can "fix" someone's homosexuality. "Humbug!", Doctor Twink proclaims. The best way to help a horny gay twink along the road to sexual bliss and happiness is his special bareback remedy. In his clinic he meets boys such as Benz here. He was very happy with the cure he received: a lot of bareback action, a milk enema to loosen his sphincter, and a golden shower to make him horny. Benz did not feel horny at all when he arrived at Dr Twink's office. But by the time he left he was full of sexual energy, his cock was hard, and he could not wait to fuck his next conquest. So pay a visit to Doctor Twink if you too want to feel horny right now!

July 31, 2011

Piss Training

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When Jimmy meets Tony in his room for some soccer practice, things quickly get out of hand. Tony is very horny and he wants to have sex with his twink trainer. He also likes watersports and the boys do not even wait to take their clothes off before they start pissing on each other. All that piss gets them in the mood for a bareback fuck and Jimmy is so eager, he cums twice in this video. He also eats Tony's cum and both boys drinks several loads of fresh urine. The boys don't beat around the bush here, there's kinky watersports porn right from the start.

June 03, 2011

Bareback Treatment

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Ice has been suffering from the hot weather lately so has called in Dr Twink to see what's wrong. The quirky gay medical specialist has all the right remedies to cure this twink. He starts his bareback treatment with an anal injection and a milk enema. Then he continues with a bareback fuck and soon the twink starts to feel much better. To top it off the Doc injects his patient with a load of sticky sperm and then declares the patient healed.

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